Mesh UV Sampling Tools and 32bit rgba Channels?

Just a small suggestion:
it would be nice if meshes get a bit more attention (which i am quite sure they will) - especially:
Get UV coordinates back from Mesh evaluations, these can be used with an image sampler to get color data.
Also some better handling of colors would be nice:

  • not using strings or System.Color, but a proper 32bit per channel structure (Point4d / Point4f?)
  • image loader/sampler that can do OpenEXR or HDR data… and 32 bit tiffs etc.
  • basic loader settings for sRgb / Raw

In other programs (unity, houdini, blender etc.) I often use images to get data in - its 2d, can be sampled easy with interpolation and its fast. Applications range from Displacement maps to heatmaps for scattering objects on meshes and many more.
It is quite easy to write a small c# for the uv, and the rest is possible also, but i think it would be good to have that native