Mesh Utilities - is this supposed to work already?

Getting all excited with the recent subd and quadmesh news I thought I’d try out some things in WIP. Seems like the following buttons don’t work:
Are these supposed to be working?

Hi @siemen
These are all “sub-commands” of the first icon on the row, Append to mesh (Command name: Append), so that once you’ve started appending poly’s to your mesh (are have started a new one from scratch) they’ll work.

Hello - yes and no - the toolbar was set up in an unconventional way to fire off command options for the Append command. The developer’s idea was that you’d start Append and then poke these various buttons to activate command line options - not the usual Rhino way to do things - the command is slated to be rearranged to make the buttons more meaningful.


Aha, I see! Thanks, I’ll try it out

Still waiting for a new version of Mesh Utilities.Hope it more power than Tspline.:wink:

Hi - could you be more specific about what exactly it is that you are waiting for?

ak i mean V7 Sud still lacking a lot functions.
I’m hoping when it’s roll out every Ok.

But how would we know when everything is OK for you? It’s best if you spell it out.

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Don’t try to best fit one customer’s request, because that will fail in other customer’s expectations.