Mesh.unweld bug when python script is compiled

Hi @stevebaer

I have a script where I make a patch where I unweld the mesh before adding it to the document, and when I run the script all is cool, but when compiled it hangs on the second run for some reason.
(I made a new small script to simulate the issue, but when I compile that one then it works just fine time after time…)
I understand asking is a shot in the dark, but are there any thing you know that I need to clear up to make it work fine?
Thing is: When I remove the unweld part then all is cool… and if I unweld the object AFTER added to the document then all is fine too (rs.Command(!_Unweld 22.5 _Enter, False) so I use that now, but that is not so clean and I try to avoid workarounds as much as possible.
( I can share the script if you want to look, but it isn’t very tidy as I ain’t trained in this stuff you know :wink: )

And another thing… Could you make the trimback curve much larger? Now both the patch function in Rhino common and also the command MeshPatch ignores 3 input points since the trimback boundry is too close to the points for a single mesh face to be generated. This also results in points being ignored if they fail to make faces with other internal points since the trimback is so close to the data.

I hope that makes sense.