Mesh tool in Rhino?

ds anyone here knows about Mesh Editing Script in Rhino Python? basically a set of command or tool to extend Rhino Mesh function? such as:
create edge loop, insert New mesh Vertices, etc (all sort of polygon editor)

has anyone posted similar script like that?

thank you.

Hi Runnie,

I do not know of any sample mesh editing script written in Python. But it is certainly possible to edit meshes with a Python script. Python is based on RhinoCommon. So you can pretty much do anything in Python, with a mesh, that you could do in a .NET plug-in.

– Dale

Hi Dale, to be honest, i have no descent knowledge about python, that is why i am asking if anyone has made similar script to edit mesh, so that I dont have to rely on Tspline command anymore. I was hoping rhino can do polygon editing similar on those in 3dsmax. Rhino native mesh tool has no way useful for polygon modelling. :frowning:

Thanks by the way, :smile:

Perhaps the Weaverbird plug-in might have some tools you want… Or maybe there is something on food4rhino

Hi helvetosaur, I indeed use weaverbird but they dont have tools and command to modify individual vertices, edges and faces. I use weaverbird for subdivivision only when i have done “sculpting” my polysrf and then convert to mesh and subdivide it with WB., it would be awesome if i can work directly on mesh with standard polygon command so I dont have to go all the trouble converting polysrf to mesh.
Ill just be patient till Rhino has proper poly modeller tool then, fr now just stick with 3ds poly :frowning:

Thanks bro.

Hello Runnie, it looks like maybe Clayoo could be of help. See