Mesh To Terrain

Is it possible to convert a mesh to a terrain object?
I have a scanned mesh I like to use as terrain.

Any suggestions?


Hi Mario, you can tag a mesh, a surface or other object as a terrain, from the Lands Edit panel.

This will make the plant species detect that object as a terrain and they will be placed on top of its surface. but the mesh won’t have the same features as a Lands terrain (contour curves, option to add paths, cuts and fills, calculate volume of earth moving, etc…)

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There is a way to get a Lands Terrain object from one or more meshes in few steps:

  1. Use the _ExtractPt command to get the mesh points
  2. Use the _PointCloud command to create a Point Cloud from the previously gotten points
  3. Create a Lands Terrain using the Point Cloud as input

Though, a scanned mesh can be composed of hundreds of thousands of points, if you create a Terrain from it the Terrain operations will be quite slow.


Perfect, Albert, that does the job.