Mesh to solid (using MeshToNurb command)

Hi there,

What I need to do is to generate an SAT file from an imported STL file (which is generated elsewhere), and I’ve been having a few problems.

What works is:

  1. import STL
  2. select Mesh > Mesh Boolean > Union, and highlight the mesh
  3. in command line type MeshToNurb and highlight the mesh

this generates a polysurface which can be exported successfully as an SAT. However, for some STL files, the above process creates the polysurface and some additional surfaces that are not joined. I can join them manually and the above will work, but I’m worried that future structures could become too elaborate for a manual Join step to be feasible. Can anyone give some suggestions and/or insight on what might be happening here (I’m not very skilled in CAD so sorry if this question is a bit basic)?


If MeshToNurb is creating separate surfaces, chances are that the the original STL has problems… Maybe look to see if the imported mesh is OK and try to repair it before running MeshToNurb… Hopefully you don’t have too many polygons…

This is VERY helpful too: