Mesh to polysurface does such exist in the way I suggest?

I have used meshPatch to create a mesh between a compound curving set of points (self made points in photomodeler) and results looks good though I wish now to make a polysurface to best fit the mesh. Is such possible ?

patch is no use as it creates a sheet and goes well beyond the points making a shape that is not the shape the points were drawn on in photogrammetry.

file attached.
MeshPatch.3dm (102.3 KB)


Hi Steve - Why do you say Patch is of no use? DupBorder on the mesh, select the mesh and the border curve and Patch. 30 by 30 or so looks OK.

Why do you want a polysurface?


Hi Pascal,
Thanks, DupBorder confines edges of Patch, I was doing patch before having any edge to go with and overlooked that. Before discovering Meshpatch, I had gone down route of MeshFromPoints, then got the install ID warning failure, fixed it from post of others with same issue and Mitch’s answer, then seeing someone say patch is better I tried that but with no existing mesh it didnt look good.

Following your steps I get a patch, however it loses to mesh at the rear curving edge where it dips down and up whilst mesh can’t as its straight lines.

Experimenting I used 1 30 15 1 lessening the chance of curvature into that dippy at large rear curve.

Downside is it also may spoil good curvature fwd of that area especially as it starts to curve more at fwd part.

Q1. What is best way of varying the isocurves, adding in and taking out during the command or afterwards ?

Q2. Also what is best way of assessing fit of results versus the points and curves. I have differing colours for a visual check…see my layers.

Studying what colours show and where.

I wanted a polysurface because I am trying to establish which curves I have from a photo of this object side on with telephoto lens are best as when I mirrored imaged them about centre line they differed. (this is an aircraft spinner surface.) A poysurface would enable me to extract isocurves , section it etc to compare to these curves I had drawn. I also wondered if such was possible anyway.

file attached
MeshPatch_then_Patch.3dm (370.1 KB)


Use PointDeviation for this- select the mesh as the ‘points’ and the patch surface as the thing to test.