MESH tangent to SOLID

I`m new to rhino so perhaps this is the cause of my difficulties…

I must perform a simple task> make a MESH tangent to a NURB SOLID!

Is it possible? how?

im trying to pick 3 points on the MESH surface, or select 3 KNOTs on it, then select the SOLID target, but i cant find a propper command!

Any help?

How about _Orient3Pt? --Mitch

its an open Mesh (on its base), i don`t know if does make any difference…

ive tryed to select points 1 to 3 on mesh, but no precision achieved, for example....i couldnt make the selected point to be accepted in a desired position, only next to it…
also…on the solid surface, i clicked on 3 aleatory poins, next one to each other, but the MESH went on trough the solid`s surface, not tangent to it.

also tryed OrientOnSurface, but 2 issues> when asked to select a base point, on MESH, nothing happens…
if change to option O, the mesh is oriented accordnly to Solid surface, but keeping the same distance. not getting tangent

Select objects to orient. Press Enter when done:
Base point ( OnSurface ): o
Surface to orient on:

You need to have “Vertex” object snap on to snap precisely to mesh vertices. Make sure you are not snapping “through” the mesh to some point on the other side.

To make sure points are on a surface, use the “OnSurface”, “PersistentOnSurface”, “OnPolysurface” or “PersistentOnpolysurface” object snaps.


In Rhino a “solid” is a closed surface or closed polysurface. A “solid” is not a separate type of object. So aligning something to a “solid” is the same as aligning it to a surface or polysurface.