Mesh subselect when clippingplane ignores clippingplane

Hi, I have a 500K mesh that i need to subselect faces to delete, and I have to use the WIP as V5 is extremely slow at the task.

But the problem is that I set up two facing clippingplanes and wouls like to only select the visible faces, but the WIP ignores the clippingplanes when it comes to sub selecting.

I have used the same workflow in V5 with pointclouds to clean them up, with great success and would like to see the same behavior in WIP for meshes.

Thanks for listening!

By the way, Control-drag to unselect parts of the previous subselection does not work, could you please fix that?
Being able to unselect subselections would be great!

Have these two issues been fixed?

  1. I completely ruined a model yesterday because I has selected faced that I was never seeing (they were clipped away by two clipping planes).

  2. I do not know to unselect partial selection that I did from a different view.

here from a side view I selected this:

…and now I want to unselect what’s inside the red circles (from a front view):



Hi Jorgen - I see this, thanks.


Hey, that’s one of the cool thing about this forum, you post something and 4+ years later it is responded to! :smiley:

Cheers guys!

RH-57506 is fixed in the latest WIP

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Hi @brian, I assume this fix is for selecting things occluded by clipping plane? I can’t see the track link.

Any idea when this will be addressed? Or am I just missing some obvious way to unselect sub-objects?

Hi Gustavo - It’s visible now, but, yes, that was about selecting invisible things.

I don’t know how obvious this is but you can use the selection filters (for example the SelectionFilterFaces command) when selecting the objects and can then simply use the Ctrl key when deselecting faces that you don’t need.
If you have selected too much when you were not using a selection filter, you can save the selection to a “Named Selection”, turn on the filter, activate your named selection, and then deselect with Ctrl.

Hi Wim, Yeah going to selection filters makes sense. I’ll give that a try it.

I still think this is awfully slow. Wasn’t a sub-object type shit it in the works? So I can switch from vertex>edge>poly with one key hit? Like in all the other SubD model eres out there?



The new commands and toolbar buttons are in place. You can create keyboard aliases for there as you please.