Mesh subdelete frustration

Hi guys, I am working with a 11 million polygon mesh and reduced it by 75 percent. That works ok, uses 12GB ram and took some minutes but all good!

Then I needed to delete half of it and tried to turn on the controlpoints, but Rhino would not allow it since it has more than 1 million polygons. So I subselected the area and after a long wait it was selected. Then I deleted them and now 10 miuntes later it is still thinking with out the ability to cancel.

Edit: One hour later and still counting… :confused:

So we desperately need some focus on efficient mesh handling. Scanning and working with meshes as reference is very normal these days.

Thanks for listening.

PS! Reduce mesh uses all cores even on a single mesh, no matter how many cores, and it is no faster on 4 cores than 12.