Dear friends of mastering Rhinoceroc.
I ask for your support in this matter.
When updating Win 10 how to change the mesh out.
The resulting mesh is convex inward not outward.
How to fix it? (19.6 KB)

Do you want to stellate the faces inward?
passing negative values to the Distance input of the Stellate component stellates the faces inward instead of outward:

Thanks for the answer. It would be better to attach a file ghx. Previously on Rhino5 it was outside, now it’s the other way around. Want faces outward. (21.0 KB)

when I open your one the stellations do go outward…? But you can see my approach in the attached file

yes, now everything is fine. It was strange when everything was the other way around. Another question. Is there a way to make the mesh transparent when rendering?

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