Mesh split

How to split a mesh by faces or selected edges? can a new SubD tool help? or should it be done in Gasshopper? Please, who knows how to do this?

Assuming your cellular pattern is the same all the way around, I would manually _UnweldEdge on one of the strips that you’ve highlighted, delete the rest of the model, and then use _ArrayPolar to regenerate the strips in the round. Does that make sense? If not, upload your file here.

maybe I am doing this, only the network has distortions for creating it from one strip01.3dm (1.4 MB)

while the petal of the mesh is collected for a long time from faces of the mesh, then the net is assembled by rotation, difficult path in time and not accurate (15.8 KB) Uploading:…

Does this need to be done parametrically in Grasshopper?

Since the mesh isn’t exact enough to to array you can manually unweld your edges to get strips that can be rendered with different materials. I isolated this strip in less than a minute. I bet you could manually split this whole thing in less than 10 minutes.

I don’t know yet how to split the mesh this way. What commands are needed to form such a fragment?



Thanks for the great tutorial and video. Unfortunately, I cannot install English Rhino for commands on one computer English command words work in my Russian version. To complete I need signs or command symbols Rhino.

If you use the underscore “_” in front in the commandline it will force the command in English.

“_” Runs command as English command name.

Rhino can be localized in many languages. The non-English versions will have commands, prompts, command options, dialog boxes, menus, etc., translated into their respective languages. English commands will not work in these versions.

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Thank you, I didn’t know, but it works. Fantasy. How simple. Please explain how to work with the selection of ribs?

Uploading: sel2.jpg…

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Uploading: sel20.jpg… Thanks for the solution, everything worked out for me. I am interested in your opinion, is it possible to print such Christmas tree decorations 100 mm in size on a printer, or to print a building with a height of 12,000 mm?

Check out Named Selections

I don’t know anything about your 3D printer.

Start here: