Mesh split for cnc purposes


I have a 3d scanned mesh surface. Because it is 3D scanned it had some denser and less denser areas. I used Quadremesh to solve this. It’s a pitty you can’t locate the centerline yourself when using a symmetry axis in quadremesh. Anyway I have this remeshed model now which looks quite fine.

The next step is to prepare the surface for cnc cutting. Because of the size limits the surface has to be cnc’t in 2 pieces. Therefore I made 2 boxes like I will use on the cnc machine. When using Meshsplit, the part that falls out of the box is automatically deleted but I want to use this part. I solved this by copying the part and to the same the opposite way.

Next I extruded de mesh in the z-direction to split the box. However this does not work for some reason. Could you help me out.

Can you post a file with the relevant geometry?

Sorry I couldn’t upload it via de webpage:

The way I would do this is to convert the mesh into a SubD in the QuadRemesh command. Then ToNurbs and DupBorder to create the object to split the box.

wing_mold.3dm (1.4 MB)

The resulting Nurbs is superior to mesh geometry when it comes to CNC fabrication.

Thank you that worked well.

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