Mesh Split and Boolean difference/Split

Hi all,

I’m having an issue of splitting a topography mesh that is generated from rhino terrain.
I have look through all the answers in this forum(from repairmesh to extract faces and etc)… and I really need helps to split this topo model into 3 equally pieces so that we could cnc cut it.

I will attach the model below. Hopefully someone can look into it can provide some solutions to it.

Thanks in advance.



After moving it to the origin does allow me to do Meshsplit, however, I still can’t do Boolean difference or Split. (It didn’t say fail, but just shows nothing.)

Or I can rephrase this question so that more people can answer this. How to extrude the mesh?(How to give it a base, so that It is one mesh.)

Thanks again!


Hi @peimingcc
First of all, that mesh is pretty messy. Lots of overlapping faces, zero length edges and naked edges, but I reckon the biggest problem is that the mesh is VERY far away from the origin. Try moving it so that it’s centered around 0,0,0 and then split your mesh. I got it to work here, at least.
HTH, Jakob

Thanks for your help Jakob.

So I follow your instruction, use Move to have it moved to the origin. Then, I tried MeshSplit and MeshBolleanSplit with curve and surface to split, and still doesn’t work…

Do you know why it still cant split/Trim? or other solutions? I am also trying to Patch and drape it to recreate a polysurface since I have the contour line, but the site is so big and require a lot computing powers and time…


I actually got it works with a crossing mesh plane.

Thanks you!


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