Mesh Space frame issue

roof forum.3dm (165.3 KB)

Hello all,
When I’m trying to create space frame from this mesh my pc hangs out and it couldn’t possible to create space frame out it. Anyone kindly help me in creating a space frame for this issue. Thanks in advance
P.S: if there is a need of an sample gh file for the space frame I’ll will upload it if necessary.

yes a gh file is needed. Your intend is surely super clear but as there are tons of examples there must be a script that work for your case !!!
I recreate one with some classical components and mesh topology (Sandbox) and it works. I think it could be a good thing you learn how topology work.

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Thank you so much @laurent_delrieu
I’ll try this one and small help if you know some link or resource regarding mesh topology share it. That would be helpful for my learning in topology.

Hello @laurent_delrieu,
When i try to achieve space frame as you shown in the above image. I get this kind of result. I don’t know what went wrong in my definition.

Here my file (42.3 KB)

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Thank you so much :heart:@laurent_delrieu i had problem with quad mesh component now it is solved.