Mesh seems to have no vertices

Hi everyone,
I am trying to model a tensile structure which shape is a quarter of circle using the following tutorial video for guidance (even if what I am trying to create is a little different and this was made on Rhino 5 while I am working on Rhino 6): Everything was going fine until I tried to set anchor points. I had no issue for the anchor points that are on the edges of the mesh but I can’t set the ones that are in the middle of it. I realised that I couldn’t see any vertices in my mesh and I can’t find where that problem is coming from. Would anyone have an idea ?

You’ll find my Grasshopper file attached (don’t mind the data I put in the boolean blocks, I just put random data to see how the software was dealing with it).
Many thankstensile (14.7 KB)

I didn’t watch your reference tutorial, anyway, you could do something like this.

tensile (25.0 KB)

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Try this as well (but this is not the way to do a “realistic” (kinda) tensile membrane). (18.5 KB)

Hi, thank you both for your answers, it’s really useful ! However I still have a problem with my mesh. As you can see on the following picture, even when I open your file, I can’t see the vertices of my mesh which makes me unable to use a point block and assign the middle anchor points to it (this is why I was trying to select them using grasshopper blocks).

I guess this has something to do with basic settings and I am having troubles to find which ones. Furthermore, the vertices appears when I model a mesh plane.

Do you have any idea of where this is coming from?
Thanks again for your help.

I guess all you have to do is turning Preview Mesh Edges option on.

Thank you a lot, that was it ! Now I can see the vertices but I still can’t select the points on it as the intersections are not on the initial grid, that must be some other setting … Would you happen to know which one ?

You can’t select or snap on grasshopper internal geometries unless you bake them in Rhino.
Actually If you’re using @HS_Kim definition, you don’t need to select the exact vertices of the mesh.

Oh I see ! Well that is all I needed, thank you a lot for all your help !