Mesh reconstruction / interpolation algorithm in GH?

What is the best way in grasshopper to create a mesh from a collection of non-grid-based points - and ONLY those points?

Ideally id like to retain the boundary of the point cloud, and most meshing algorithms seem to result in closed meshes…
(e.g. CloudMesh from Cockroach GH, BallPivot, convex hull, 3D Delaunay)
Are there other meshing components that I am missing?
e.g. for a point cloud such as this:
Screenshot 2022-02-08 090239

Using a professional scanner and propper software such as Artec Studio would save you hours in the post-processing of scans.

These points are from a scan, but Im also thinking more generally about how best to create mesh fragments (without thickness) from a collection of points. Im not really interested in post-processing, more mesh manipulation

What I’m saying that the result of propper post processing can be a closed, textured and if needed smoothened and isotropic remeshed mesh instead of just a point-cloud.

Solved many years ago by IBM Labs: the so called Ball Pivot algo. Since then several other algos are attempted (notably // ones). I doupt if you can find some fast and faultless one. That said BP works best with “uniform” LIDAR pts collections.