Mesh Pull based on Attractor(s)

Hey so I’m trying to play around with meshes in GH and what I’m trying to do is pull points of the mesh towards an attractor point(s), reference image below:

Since we are using a mesh I’m having trouble getting the point to reference the closest vertices and pull them. I don’t have a GH script atm that is worth sharing, but I’ll edit the post if I make one prior to anyone willing to help.


You can do something like this.

Mesh (8.5 KB)
Here is what it looks like in action

Thank you, I might have done this wrong but when I went to convert it from 1 attractor point to multiple attractor points it seems to have some strange effect of one pulling it and the other pushing it.

@bseckler, you need to change the approach for multiple attractor. Something like this

Muiltple PointMesh (9.1 KB)

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