Mesh Outline Error

Hallo Guys

When I try to get the outlines of meshes, it wont work for all of the objects. Some rather complex objects wont get outlines.

I need to rebuild the open meshes to abstract solids so that i can calculate volumes.

I just noticed, that when I move all the buildings to the rhino center-point. The bug seems to disappear for some objects.

Does anyone have suggestiones?


19.04.10 DXF Mesh to (21.4 KB)
19.04.10 Mesh to Solid.3dm (1.3 MB)

Hi, this is a bit late for your problem, but I was struggling with the same issue - and found a solution.
Low-tech rebuilding of the mesh as such.
Components “Mesh Exlode” and “Mesh join”. Fast and dirty.