Mesh or Solid intersection often fails

I often have trouble with intersection of mesh or solids (both closed), mesh sometimes give an open mesh as a result and solids just failed which then give runtime errors on “volume” calculation and failed all my loop…
Otherwise "Mesh/Plane (Sec) on closed mesh give several curves that have to be joined after all (when it’s work) instead of a nice closed planar curve…
Would it be possible to had a “tolerancy” on the result to avoid those errors??
or Is there a way to close a mesh like “cape hole ex” as a workaround?

Another thing “MeshBreps” give an open mesh from a closed Breps…

I know that Rhino find sometimes tricky boolean operation when there is tangential faces… but it would be great to have more robust tool for this basic operation even with a tolerance margin that could be control…

This could be because the meshing settings have the ‘Jagged Seams’ option enabled. It takes extra time to make sure that meshes on either side of a Brep seam are exactly matched up, when fast meshing is in order, this option is not enabled and you get open meshes. Is that the case here?

If it isn’t the case, we really need the files to replicate these bugs, otherwise they cannot be fixed.

It was the case but that didn’t change anything unfortunately.
How can i upload you the file?
The aim was to speed up volume computation time by transforming BREPS into closed Mesh

You should be able to just drag and drop your file into your answer here.

It as been send in private by message. Thanks