Mesh not thickening correctly

I think there is something wrong with the topology of the mesh. When I attempt to thicken it using weaver bird, it becomes jagged and oddly tessellated. I’ve tried to fix via wb smooth or further subdividing with no luck. Any help is appreciated.

Hauer Tile - (40.2 KB)

Hi @Prodigetone,

It looks like the mesh boolean split part is failing - it is not dividing it into separate pieces.
Triangulating the mesh before the splitting avoids this:

As a general comment though - if you want to get a clean mesh for offsetting, there are easier ways - instead of relaxing a full square then chopping it with an extruded curve (which tends to produce lots of skinny triangles like you see here), you could make a mesh with the boundaries you want at the start and relax that (pulling the boundaries to curves if needed) and skip the boolean step entirely.

Daniel thank you for the advice, frankly I was little shocked to see someone of your caliber commenting on the script.

I made some adjustments upstream on the script to get the object to split right. For some reason the triangulation didn’t work for me as shown, but its of no consequence… the mesh is a mess in the end either way. I think your right, avoiding the boolean all together is the way to go. I’ve only done this sort of thing with square shapes. Is it possible to create a mesh from multiple boundary curves and then apply force in the middle to generate the arch?

Working on this now will post results.