Mesh non-rectangle shapes

How to mesh these non-rectangle shapes? I do not know how to triangle-mesh these ones.

mesh surface with triangles (2.4 KB)

just plug it in the mesh component

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Thank you, I am familiar with that.
What I cannot find is a clean subdivision wherewith the triangles are evenly distributed.

you mean that they should have the same edgelength?

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Sorry, yes, I mean with the same edge lenght. So, the mesh curves inside the area are similair in size and triangular (tirangular because quads are not possible in these areas I guess).

I think I would go for meschmachine and kangaroo , but maybe I am overcomlicating

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I cannot find a clear tutorial. I used the blue meshmachine component, but it leads not to what I want. I have to use something with plankton, but what I found on the internet is not that clear. I cannot manage to let the meshmachine work.

this could be a start

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Thank you Baris, I was confused with some ‘plaktonmesh-component’ that looked similar.
Now I got it!