Mesh NGon with holes

Is it possible to define NGon in a mesh, if that mesh has holes?
NGon has vertex list and face list.

In situation when there are holes, ngon will have multiple boundaries.

Does this description fall in ngon description?

Hi @Petras_Vestartas,

Yes, ngons can have holes (see attached).

ngon_with_hole.3dm (38.3 KB)

There is no way to detect these inner boundaries in RhinoCommon.

– Dale

Thanks, I did not know this.

Could this be updated in coming Rhino 6 Wip update?

From the YT item that was linked to, it appears this is scheduled for release 6.x.
Note that there no longer is a Rhino 6 WIP - it is now a BETA and a release of 6.0 is getting closer.

Dear Wim,

Do I need to unistall rhino 6 wip and install rhino BETA, or it is the same thing, if I am installing weekly updates?

If not, could you point to www where can I download beta?

Ok it is seems it is beta:

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