Mesh models not showing textures in rendered view

I don’t know if this is Rhino, Unreal engine, or 3dcoat. But more and more, meshes I export from unreal or 3dcoat no longer show textures in the rendered viewport. I have to rebuild mesh to get them to show. This only started happening in the last few service releases.

There must be a bug, or something changed because like I mentioned previously, I even have problems where the color or texture shows in one viewmode but not in another. It’s quite frustrating and a time suck.

Here is a mannequin I imported from Unreal but it doesn’t show textures or texture color in rendered view but shows it in my custom view without shading. I had to use rebuild to get the texture to show in rendered view.

Mannequin_001.3dm (2.8 MB)

Hello- this mesh has vertex colors - all white. The material in the file has no textures in is however, just black. If I add a texture it does show, here with or without the vertex colors.


Hi @pascal ,
I don’t get vertex colors showing and the texture map never shows unless I use the rebuild mesh command. How are you getting the vertex colors to show? I’m using the standard rendered viewport.
I’ve been having problems with meshes not showing textures in some viewmodes.
Thanks for your fast help, I’m trying to sort this one out.

The vertex colors here are just white. Here with the vertex color material applied to the model

Hi Guys,
Thanks for your quick help there must be something amiss because we are all three of us are getting different results. Pascal’s image has a black head, Nathan and mine is white. However, in another render mode I have the whole model is black.

I forgot the test command I needed to get vertex shaded models to work in the viewport. There is some kind of change in the last srs that have changed the way these models show up in various display modes.

Hi Roland - I removed the vertex colors from the head mesh. By default it shows all white.


Hi Pascal,
I’m having problems with these models I have where they don’t show textures in one viewmode but show in another. This didn’t happen in other srs in that file he shows all black in another viewmode I have and in cycles render.

What is the other render mode you mention?

What view modes are they?