Mesh.MergeAllCoplanarFaces-doesn't found in visual studio?

Mesh.MergeAllCoplanarFaces(…) doesn’t found in visual studio?
i use RhinoCommon and Grasshopper templates for Rhino 7 - Visual Studio Marketplace
but this api ?

Hi @Rh-3d-p,

The Rhino 7 template creates a plug-in project that reference RhinoCommon as a NuGet package. My guess is the version of RhinoCommon managed by the NuGet package you have is older than the RhinoCommon version that has the method you’ve referenced.

Try, right-clicking on your project, in Solution Explorer, and then click Manage NuGet Packages. Here you will have a chance to update to the latest RhinoCommon, wihich is 7.12.21313.6341. Note, doing this will require that your Rhino 7 installation be at the same service release or newer.

Hope this helps.

– Dale

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