Mesh Make2D Hack


So a mate of mine showed me quickly how to hack a Make2d from Maya to AutoCad and into Rhino. His process consisted of exporting a view of the mesh from Maya as a .dwg into CAD and then using the ‘hide’ command to hide the isocurves. He then imported it into Rhino and had a nice looking 2D drawing.

I am wondering if there is a way to export a view of a mesh from Rhino to CAD as a .dwg or other file type in order to achieve this same effect. Whenever, I export from Rhino, the mesh comes into CAD in the default orientation. I wonder if this is possible.


Anyone know about this?

Not sure exactly what you are after but if it is Make2D from mesh, in Rhino 6 WIP you can have great Make2D with meshes already.


Thanks for the reply. That sounds amazing. Is it possible for me to download the WIP? I can’t seem to find a download, I have the student version. I am guessing I need to be a developer?


As long as you have copy of Rhino 5, you should bw able to participate in WIP. @Pascal, would you send an invite whwn you get a moment?



Thank Jarek and Pascal!


Thanks for including that. Seems to work great on imports from Max and Zbrush. I’m unclear why you removed the make 4 views and replaced it with 3rd angle projection and 1st angle projection.