Mesh Load to Line issue

I’ve a strange problem with mesh load. I’ve created several quad mesh from point and applied mesh loads to simulate loads transfer of unidirectional plates. If i use “line loads” option some of line loads are correct and some are not (meaning that the sum of line loads doesn’t match the mesh resultant); if I use “point loads” only, the sum of point loads is always correct…

[See the images below > The meshes have approx the same areas and same loads]

IMG_01 - Resultant line loads

IMG_02 - Resultant point loads

IMG_03 - Setting of the right mesh in the images

IMG_03 - Setting of the lesf mesh in the images

I really can’t understand the trick…

Hi @v.bonifazi26,
how did you sum up the forces? Via the support reactions?
Could you post a small example definition which shows the problem?
– Clemens