Mesh Load distribution

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In fig 1,

image ,

I have some meshes (triangles) and selected some line members and converted them into beams. I applied mesh load in the triangles, I do not understand why there is no load on member 202,201, 197, 196, 192,195.
Similarly, in fig 2,


also many beams the loads are missing. HOWEVER, the resultant sum of reaction forces comes to be same as that of applied mesh load. How does the distribution work in this case?

Urgent help would be appreciated.

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@karamba3d Please could I get any answer for this? I am curious to know.

Hi @veronika.phadtare,
the reason is probably that the mesh used for applying the MeshLoad is too course. Refine the mesh for the loads and reduce the ‘Length/Segment’-setting in ModelView/Rendersettings such that there are at least five sections in each beam. See the online manual (here) for details.

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Thanks @karamba3d however there is a problem.

this is the original area.
and this is the area after using mesh plane

hence there is something wrong.

Hi Veronika -

You have only posted pictures so far. Generally, it makes it very hard for others to help you if you don’t supply your gh file with any referenced geometry internalized.

You are right. Here are the rhino and GH file. @wim @karamba3d
structure_veronika.3dm (2.3 MB) (121.1 KB)

I would really appreciate your help.

Could someone please reply on this? Would really appreciate help.

Hi, you are creating a plane from a triangular curve and the mesh output is basically double the surface area of the original triangle. Try creating the mesh from points or edge curves.