Mesh Edges to Knot


I used Mesh Edges to get a skeleton of a mesh. It looks this way:

knot.3dm (7.8 MB) (6.3 KB)

Now I’m wondering if there is a way to use the intersection points of the curves as bezier curve paths, which are the curves that give a 3D knot the basic shape.

Results like that would be nice:

Does anyone know how to do that?

The edges of a mesh like that form a graph.
It has nodes each with multiple edges connected.

A knot is an embedding of a circle - it doesn’t have any branching points.

You can use a graph as a starting point for building a knot or link (like knots but with multiple components), in various ways, but it isn’t clear to me what you are after.

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Hello! Thank you for your answer. Oh, let me try to explain it better with images.

So here are for example some intersection points:

And now I would like to use them to get the shape of something that looks like a pretty curvy torus knot:

Is it too far fetched to do something like this? Or is that doable?

You can certainly select any number of points in space(from a mesh or otherwise) and connect them into a single smooth closed curve. This curve might be knotted and it might not.

(By the way a torus knot means something specific in knot theory. I’m guessing you’re not looking for torus knots specifically)

Is the question about how generally to make nice looking knot curves in space, or something more specific?

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I think this would be totally fine.

Not specifically. It could be interesting to also work with knot theory, but there is no need. I just wrote “torus knot” because of the typical visual appearance on images. I just like the style.

Yesss, “nice looking knot curves in space” is exactly what I am looking for. And nothing specific.

For making knot curves nicer, here’s an example of repulsive form-finding in Kangaroo (16.1 KB)

You can take any roughly drawn knot and use this technique to relax it into a smooth and often more symmetric form.


Oh wow! :star_struck: Your skills are completely over the top!

What did I do wrongly?

And will it work if I just connect it with the curve of the earlier attached knot.3dm file?

You need to right click the script component and set the location of the kangaroo dll. (As described here Magnetic attraction/repulsion - #2 by DanielPiker)

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Alright. I’ll try. Thanks a lot!