Mesh detail views missing from exported pdf


When creating a layout we created multiple detail views for the different angles of a model via
pageview = sc.doc.Views.GetPageViews()[0]
pageview.AddDetailView(name, top_left_pos, bot_right_pos, rh.Display.DefinedViewportProjection.Top)

Sometimes, and this is the frustrating part when we go to print → save as PDF from the layout, the detail views that hold the mesh don’t show up.

Is this a known bug? Is there anything we can do while adding the details views to ensure the final pdf has them? Within rhino and the layout we can see it, but the saved PDF seems to exclude them…sometimes.
We are saving the pdf via
rs.Command(’_Print _Enter’)
and then choosing save as PDF from the dropdown.

So far we have only experienced this on a mac os.


I’ve seen this problem, too. Sometimes PDF files exported on MacOS don’t show the shaded or rendered viewports properly. We have an open issue about this that hasn’t been reproduced by anybody yet: