Mesh Definition from grasshopper intralaticce

Hello, i am using grasshopper and intralattice plugins to model structures that i want to print in 3D.

The problem that i have is that when i bake the model from grasshopper to Rhino, i get a mesh model without definition. Then in rhino, when i modify the mesh quality of render, i do not get any improvement in the definition of the mesh. I try to convert the mesh to a nurb and modify the stl options export, but i don’t get anything.

I don’t know how to improve the mesh definition in this model, maybe any adjust in grasshopper before bake it.

if someone could help me I would be very grateful.

As you have discovered, once you get a mesh into Rhino, there is no automated way to add detail to this mesh.

Also, from the documentation on Intralattice, there are no tools offered to somehow influence how fine or coarse the output will be.

Question remains if there are GH tools to subdivide or refine existing meshes. That I don’t know.

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Thank you for clarifying and refining the question

Somebody knows, if there are GH tools to subdivide or refine existing meshes?

Weaverbird and Mesh+

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Thanks for the info !