Mesh.createFromThreejsJSON() arguments Rhino3dm Javascript

Hello, for rhino3dm meshes there is the rhino3dm mesh.toThreejsJSON method. How should it’s “reverse function” rhino.Mesh.createFromThreejsJSON() be called?


When using the result of mesh.toThreejsJSON or threejsmesh.toJSON as argument in createFromThreejsJSON, I get undefined as result.

I’d have provided a working example on how to do it, but coudn’t make it work due to CORS.
Nevertheless, here is my edited example from

basic_example.html (4.0 KB)

We have an example that uses the rhino.Mesh.createFromThreejsJSON() method:

If you don’t mind a bit of cpp, you can always check out the source here:

So the call expects an object with the following structure: {data: bufferGeometry}

So your line 50 should be

rhino_mesh = rhino.Mesh.createFromThreejsJSON({data: threeMesh}); // CHANGED

Give that a try and let us know if it works for you.

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Hello Luis,

thanks for your quick response!

Your example works indeed, but it does not with my own THREE mesh. I can visualize my THREE mesh in the canvas, so it’s probably not broken I think.

What could be a reason for this error?

You might be passing the whole threejs Mesh object (derivative of THREE.Object3d) when you should be passing the geometry (THREE.BufferGeometry).

Try threemesh.geometry:

rhino_mesh = rhino.Mesh.createFromThreejsJSON({data: threeMesh.geometry});

Yes, that’s it!
Thank you :smiley:

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