Mesh.CreateFromTessellation not in Rhinocommon?

I can’t seem to find Mesh.CreateFromTessellation, is it in the rhinocommon dll or perhaps missing?

I’m hoping I can use it to create a mesh from a set of points. Is that possible? If not, any recommendations on how to create a mesh from a set of points? It’s going to be a really simple mesh, just a plane grid of vertices.


This is available in the V6 RhinoCommon

Wow, fast response!

Can CreateFromTessellation create a flat mesh from a grid of points?

I didn’t realize rhinocommon was getting new stuff for Rhino 6. Is there a list somewhere of rhinocommon additions by chance?


It should be able to

RhinoCommon has gotten a ton of new additions in V6. I don’t have a list on hand of “new stuff”. We could probably generate a list of new functions/properties/classes, but there are also other subtle changes like making geometry calculations thread safe.

Thanks Steve, I’ll upgrade soon,