Mesh boundary valence - display error

hey! after doing some remeshing on gh and evolute tools in rhino, i had some issues in my irregular vertices display ! although the 4 points on the edge are same as there neighbours it s giving me that their Valence are 5 (then colored by blue)! Tried to weld the edges/vertices on rhino, but didn’t work!
any help?

Does your mesh perhaps have some duplicated faces or vertices, or near zero area faces?
You could check by using Cull Duplicates on the vertex list.
Is the bottom edge an actual naked boundary, or is there an underside to the mesh not visible from this angle?

yeah there was an underside that was not visible! Thank u

If a naked edge exists as an interior edge too (is this what we call an underside?) how could we removed it?

Hi Natalia,
I don’t understand the question - a naked edge is one on the boundary of a mesh, which has only one face adjacent to it, so by definition it is not an interior edge. Are you asking about selecting points on sharp creases?

Hello again! let me use an prtsc to explain…

above all is a mesh, after that the naked edges and below the interior edges (all these where extracted by the mesh edges component). in the interior edges, the ones shown with the red arrow seem to be the same as some the naked edges … (that could mean that there are duplicate vertices at these points?)
Thank you in advance for your time:)

I’d guess you have some very thin triangles next to the edge like this (they might be too thin to see):

This can happen for example if you do a Delaunay triangulation and the boundary is not exactly convex.
One way to get rid of them is to cull all faces with area below some tolerance.

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Ohh i see! Great, thank you! i will try that!

Or compute edge-edge angles since you can have a “big” unwanted triangle like that if the Delauney works against dense collections.