Mesh Boolean Union stuck on "In progress"

I have Mesh Object and I want to do boolean union with another mesh box. For some reason it stuck on the message “In progress” and deosn’t do anything.

Attached the file.ServoCaseNew.3dm (78.5 KB)

Hi - on a slightly newer version of Rhino 6, the boolean operation completes right away but doesn’t do anything either. The mesh tools aren’t Rhino’s strongest side for the time being. You can run the MeshRepair command to see some of the things that Rhino doesn’t like about those.

At any rate, for such a simple shape, it is often much easier to recreate the object using Rhino’s NURBS tools than to try and edit the mesh.

Attached is a quick attempt - make sure that the design intent is intact before using that for production ;∙) …
ServoCaseNew-wd.3dm (263.9 KB)

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Wow. Awesome.
Thanks a lot for your help!