Mesh Attractors

Hi all,

I am trying to add multiple attractor points to this cocoon mesh, I am using Evaluate Mesh remap+ but unable to control the size of the triangles. Is it possible to get an MD slider to control a point over a mesh similar to evaluate surface?
coc.3dm (1.3 MB) CoCoon (26.0 KB)

As long as you no longer ‘conserve’ a ‘parent’ surface from which you obtained your mesh — or if there was never a surface in the first place — then you’ll have to opt for other ways, or make use of plug-ins (or higher knowledge without plug-ins) to turn the mesh into a surface and ‘easily’ evaluate it with an MD.

Here are a couple of humble ways
CoCoon (32.3 KB) :

Thanks, I am struggling to fix an attractor on the surface to achieve something like this cocoon.PNG

Hello .
How are you . I was checking your definitions
in order to study the attractors in the mesh
but I can’t access them
Could you tell me what plug-ins you used?
to be able to download them
In advance, Thanks