Mesh Analysis Results Output

Hi Jon,
I have looked through the tutorials and example scripts for geometrygym to GSA but still have some questions. I have attached a file showing my buildup of the gsa output from a mesh generated first by kangaroo and remeshed using meshmixer. When I enable the solver I can see it open and run in GSA and even solve, however, the results query in grasshopper does not seem to want to pull principal stress vectors. Would you happen to know where I am going wrong?

Michael Cobb

180326 GSA (32.7 KB)

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Hi Michael,

I apologize for the slow response due to the building smart summit last week.

I took a look, seems the reason is actually quite simple (and should be better reported).

If you wire the case into the result component rather than the applied loading, then you get results returned.

I have improved the code for detecting the case for the next build so that an error is thrown if you wire something inappropriate in.

I hope this helps, let me know if not.



180326 GSA (35.2 KB)

Hi Jon,

Thank you very much for the response! No worries and thanks for telling me where I went wrong.

Happy Easter,
Michael Cobb