Mesh 3D Text - problem with V6?

Enjoying using R6 - today I did some 3D text (text made ad a solid - plan to 3D print). I meshed the text and noticed the mesh looked very not uniform between letters - just looked like not enough triangles. So just for grins, I did the same settings in R5 and it looked much better… Not sure why. It may just be how it looks and I have yet to get to 3D priting the item I am designing - just wondering if R6 does mesh differently? I used the SAME settings in 5 and 6 but they look very different…
will try to upload screen shots
First one is R6
second is R5
Same mesh setting were used in both and same font and size etc…



This reply is quite delayed but if you still have an issue here can you please provide a screenshot of the mesh settings in v6 as well. My hunch is that simple planes may have been checked in v6 but is not in v5 where the initial grid quads and tolerance to the NURBS surface are impacting the density. If you have a 3dm file of the NURBS objects prior to meshing as well that would be good to see too.