Merging Surfaces

Hello again,
I have several surfaces, I tried to merge them by merging breps in order to get the final brep length and width, but It does not work, do you have a solution? (56.1 KB)


RegionUnion with flattening the inputs will do the trick…

that is perfect, thank you for your answer, and do yo know how I can find the width and length of each rectangle?


you can try this… (70.7 KB)

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that’s it, I wish I had as much knowledge as you have in Grasshopper. thank you so much

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Have a look at this.
More than one way to skin a (13.4 KB)

Well, I already used a solution similar to the the fourth row your file, but the third one seems more intelligent, Thanks mate

Download the file again, I have added something extra. Just wanted to show you that you have many options for the same problem. :slight_smile:

This one.
More than one way to skin a (14.6 KB)

thank you, I understood the logic. :+1: