Merging surfaces for baking query

Hello everyone!

I attach a simplified version of a pattern generator that I am working on. The issue that I am having is merging the surfaces together for export when baking.

In this example, a triangle shape is created on each corner of a cell. Where there are triangles touching one another, I want these surfaces to be merged in order to create larger diamond shapes when exported

But when I bake them, you can see that the diamond shapes still consist of 4 triangles. I presume that there is some sort of clever surface merging component, but the ones that I’ve tried doesn’t do what I am hoping to achieve. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

merge surface (17.9 KB)

Your data tree structure is preventing Brep Join from joining adjacent triangles. It will work as you expect if you flatten that input.

Although it does combine the different triangles (thank you!), it leaves behind these lines within the diamond shape. These lines get included when I export the geometry. Is there a way to have the triangles merge without those crossing lines? (I did check, isocurves are switched off)

Try to use Merge Faces or Region Union.

merge surface (17.3 KB)

P.S. Better yet, simpler!

merge surface (15.4 KB)

Works perfectly, thank you!

I was going to suggest an approach like this but realized your shapes are not actually squares.

merge surface (23.4 KB)

A screenshot of the pattern I was working on below. The issue I had was figuring out how to merge all of those small bits together (the blue and green highlighted triangles), which your previous solution helped to resolve.

Makes a bit more sense if you have a look at the image below. Thank you for your help, much appreciated.

Re not being square: Yes, I wanted to be able to adjust the amount of vertical and horizontal divisions in the grid, so being square wasn’t critical.

Next up, I am going to be exploring different ways of generating grids that are not uniform (i.e. spacing of divisions that are not equal). So many approaches, by the looks of it - a bit daunting.

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