Merging specific triangles to planar quads

I have low poly model of the Stanford Bunny. I would like to reduce even more the poly count by merging specific triangles into planar quads. Some of the neigboring triangles are on pretty close planes. ( I have indicated them wih yellow). What is the easyest way to do this? I have tried quadremesh but it does not create planar quads. I have also tried quadrangulate but it did not work either. This just an example I am also interseted in general solution.
nyufi.3dm (141.4 KB)

This is applicable on whole object. Weld before with high angle and try quadrangulate, some tri’s would by converted.

For specific selection select edge with CTRL + Shift and remove it.
Is that enough ?

yes a.

What is is the solution for selected triangles?


Unfortunatelly if you simply remove the edge the quad does not become planar.

You’ll need to move a vertex to make it planar.

Make sure the Vertex OSnap is enabled. Run the _CPlane command with the 3 Point option then select these 3 vertices:

Sub-Object select this vertex and move it’s Z-position to 0. You can use the _SetPt command or move with the GumBall (be sure GumBall alignment is set to CPlane):

Now just delete the edge in the middle or merge the faces.

From your image, set the CPlane with the red vertices, move the blue vertex’s Z-Position to 0:

It takes only a couple of minutes to merge the 4 areas in your image. An automated solution would be needed if you had a lot of these to merge.