Merging polylines

Hi everyone,

I need to merge the end point of one polyline to the start point of another one as attached (pink line)
Would you have any leads ?

Thank you very much !

Seems like the picture or the file (preferred) got lost in translation !

Thank you ! here it is :slight_smile:


Too bad you didn’t post your GH file with geometry internalized.

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Here it is : (11.6 KB)

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Super great ! Now, would you have an idea on how to achieve the picture below adding the pattern mentioned for each interconnected layer ?

Thank you so much :smiley:

Yes, but since you can’t be bothered to post code/geometry without being asked, I can’t be bothered to reply any further.

Please read this, esp. #3:

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

I apologize, he it is: (17.7 KB)

I am not sure to understand your question. It seems obvious you want a path for 3d printing. There are many strategies but you show one with an open path (zig zag) and one with a closed path (circles).
I didn’t worked on open path, but on closed path.

If you want to stop extrusion, your approach could be enough but you will have to know when stopping the extrusion.

If you want not to stop extrusion, it is better to make closed single path on each layer and then join the curves.
It could be also good that your filling keep a circle for the base, it could be more beautiful.
I made a paid plugin to do all of that (the filling pattern, joining the curves …) but it seems not worth for me to let it online.

My goal is to print that “bullet” shape in one curve with multiple layers that include those patterns. Is it helpful ? Thank you !!

I’ll dive in with that as a solution ? (14.6 KB)

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Thank you ! it is exactly what i was looking for :smiley:
Do you know how to create a polyline from this now ?

It is already a polyline…
There is Explode if you need the segments or the vertices ?