Merging bodies in grasshopper

I’ve created a brick pattern and excluded certain values based on a data set. How can I combine the bricks so that the resulting form renders as a solid column? The render preview in Rhino does this but when I export the model to other software the bricks are obviously still discrete.

Rendering shows results after doing a boolean union in rhino then rendering in Fusion. Maybe it’s a fusion question and not a Rhino one?


Woah, hey Michael! Really enjoyed the generative column design webinar a few months back - I used some of those skills to inform this project, framed around visualizing the redactions in the Mueller report, that I will feature in my portfolio when I apply to grad programs this fall.

Code and a sample page for running the script attached

Did have better results when rendering with a uniform material like plastic but would be nice if I could get a stone appearance. (4.0 MB)