MergeSrf Won't

The ‘dish’ in the file was made by extruding a circle, exploding to make a srf, planarsrf for the bottom, then offsetsrf solidyes.

Now it’s a good polysrf, but made from eight srfs, not just five.

When exploded, mergesrf won’t work on the cylindric srfs, even though the distance shows as 0.000.

Even when I make tolerance .1 it won’t merge.

It’s not important, but why???

ChrisKSmallDishHandle.3dm (34.4 KB)

There are only 2 surfaces in your file (open cylinder). I guess you missed something.

Hi Chris- MergeSrf has pretty stringent requirements- see Help. Perhaps Join is what you are after?


Well, I dunno how I posted that. This is what it should be

My sense is that it should have five srfs not eight.

And mrgsrf doesn’t.

.EightSrfDish.3dm (53.3 KB)

Hi Chris- top edge and sides will merge in this setup - set Smooth=No. Explode the object, mergeSrf and pick on the edges you would like to merge- in this case presumably the two top edges- you’ll need mergeSrf twice to get the top merged to the sides. The bottom faces will not merge to anything, they will Join.

But… why?


I’m compulsive this way. When I get a two surface cylinder when it should be just one, I make it one with mergesrf.

No ‘real’ reason.