Mergeedge & UnrollSrfUV for mac

Will those be implemented for macs?

Judging by the help file (MergeEdge) and the list over commands not in Rhino 5 for Mac, MergeEdge should be in there.

Mergedge can be typed, but when executed the below dialog appears:
(sometimes the edges get merged but half of the time not…)
So I need to do mergealledges then split for now…


Hm. MergeEdge does not have a dialog really, but a pop-up menu, selection menu style. Maybe that counts.


I’m using a mac, but I don’t seem to get the popup.
after typing the command that dialog appears and that’s it.
But I can select the first edge, and sort of click where the second edge is, and sometimes edge gets merged, but there’s no ui feedback.
maybe it’s fixed in the latest wip…

That’s on our radar (MR-2055). Thanks for the reminder!