"MergeAllFaces" in the face (a), it's a bug?

In the tapered extrusions, it happens that they create numerous triangular faces (a, b, c, d).
Using the command “MergeAllFaces” the coplanar faces are merged together, except for the face (a). Why this is not merged?

You might not realize a command that allows you to delete all these faces triangles usually generated in tapered extrusions? It would save a lot of time to rebuild all surfaces.
It would be a good idea for the future!
MergeAllFaces bug in face a.3dm (155.9 KB)

Hi Davide - the command only merges planar faces. The faces next to the triangles is not planar, but DivideAlongCreases > SplitAtTangents will split off a coplanar face there where it can (a and b) and merging will get it.


And the faces (c and d) will have to be rebuilt?

Hi Davide - c and d are extended as tangent lines - MergeAllFaces cannot help there since the adjacent faces are not planar. If you need one surface through the tangent extension, then ExtendSrf the conical surface with Type=Line and then trim it back to the angled edge.
MergeAllFaces bug in face a_PG.3dm (179.2 KB)

Thanks Pascal very gentlman!