Merge two meshes


I have two overlaping meshes models (STL)… And I need to merge them to one solid mesh. I tried do it with command: Join. It works and created me one Mesh. But still when I exported this mesh to STL I got again STL with two meshes shose are not connected :frowning: I also tried: Join and after that: Mesh to Nurbs. But this again created two separated polysurfaces… Please how to merge this meshes to one pernamently ?

// I also tried command weld. Rhino did something, but I do not know what, becuase meshes are not connected.

Thank you very much

In case you are going to 3D print the meshes, joining might not be required. Many print softwares merge whatever is loaded. In some situations the Netfabb online service is good to fix meshes for a print.

Netfabb Online Service

Thanks for your fast answer but I need Step fromat to do some analyses in Ansys. But can not do this with two separated meshes, becase step model will also separated (created with two parts). So I need to join this two meshes togeter first. And then MeshToNURBS and export as Step file.

You can export the two meshes as one STL and merge it with Netfabb, then import again.

Thank you, but this solution did not work. I uploaded mesh to netfabb and after some time got error: FAILED: failed to load mesh (#103)

How does your mesh look like?

Can you post a file?

It is very complex structure. Here you can download it: Zásilka

Sorry can’t help you with this mesh. It seems like an array of identical “cells”
Instead of trying to convert this whole mesh into a Nurbs objects, I think you should solve your mesh to Nurbs problem on one single cell and then array the Nurbs cell.

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I do not how to merge this. I think this is meybe impossible… But thank you for your time

these are a quite dense meshes with a lot of intersection to calculate. I think you can create a smaller module, solve the intersection leaving the boundary edges open and then make an array again anf finally join them but what’s the end goal of this? if it is for printing it have very thinn walls.

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I need this for do some analyses in Ansys. I am not sure, but I think, that union in Blender works and after few hors did it. But I am not sure now… But thank you guys for helping me. Have a nice day :slight_smile: