Merge Surfaces

I’m a beginner when it comes to working with SubD objects. Is there a method to combine these two SubD objects into a single entity while achieving a smooth and seamless transition? Thank you in advance!

welcome to the party!

subd is like quilting… all the patches need to line up with other patches.

as you have shown you won’t be able to merge those.

you need to make one simpler, or the other more complex.

or you can convert to NURBS, trim a gap and blend them together.

in order to bridge from one subd to another, you need to have the patch counts match on the edges you are choosing to bridge.

why not just make the end of the more complex model look like the end of the simpler one?

fwiw, you have way too many patches in both models- you only need three edges to make a transition.

check out the rule of three video here-

This worked! Thank you!