Merge Surface to one pipe

Good morning,

my problem is to merge these surfaces.
I need this for CFD-Simulations.pipe.3dm (158.7 KB)
First i have one pipe with a angel.
And now i wanna modell a pipe as a Y, so i mirrored my pipe.
How can i make it to one pipe?

I would appreciate an answer

Martin :slight_smile:

what is the exact requirement of your CFD software?

do you really need a single surface?

With standard Rhino Nurbs you cannot build a single surface Y-junction.
But you can of course built a polysurface and/or generate a single closed mesh from it.

I need for the CFD software a volume.

i think the easiest way is to split the pipe along the x axis, and mirror the part and then join and cap.

it wonโ€™t give the cleanest mesh topology in case your target is to mesh the nurb, but it will do the job I guess.
pipe_closed.3dm (840.8 KB)


Did you try merge opt from Surface --> surface edit tool --> merge edges
Itโ€™s look that its creating one surface but not sure is that what you exactly need.

haha yes. great idea! thanks.