Merge several surfaces to one surface

Is there command to make several surfaces to one surface?
Yes I can duplicate edges etc… but I have hundreds of these from quadremesh…
With mergesrf I can merge only 2 surfaces at the time…

Thanks :slight_smile:

did you consider to quadremesh with other options ?
what was the initial data ?
mesh ?

what about the “packed” option in the Sub-D → ToNurbs command / workflow ?
looks like this is, what you re after ?
→ Quadremesh to Sub-D, ToNurbs with packed option.

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Hi Tom!

My surfaces in the screenshots are part of quadremesh SubD. I think I have to try that “packed option”. Thanks for the tip! I just found quadremes and it looks promising :slight_smile:

Now there are areas I want more control and some areas can be more simple. I need big adaptive size, otherwise I loose details. Now I’d like to merge surfaces from areas which can be more simple.